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You Can Now Spend and Store Bitcoin Cash in Your Copay Wallet (Beta).Thar risk is even more unwarranted during such a turbulent time as a contentious hard fork.No matter how dire the short-term consequences of a fork can be, the community will eventually sort it out, like it always did.

We agree to immediately support the following parallel upgrades to the bitcoin protocol, which will be.Hashpower support for Bitcoin Unlimited is at an all-time high.In other words, if you truly believe in the eventual success of Bitcoin, your best bet is to keep holding.A (Short) History of Scaling. 2 months ago. reddit. twitter. Tweets by...By delegating that control to any third party, even one you deem trustworthy, such as an exchange, or a web wallet service, you subject your coins to unnecessary risk.

Now, there is a vast number of potential scenarios a contentious fork could result in, and listing them all is far beyond the scope of this article.This whole scaling debate situation looks a lot like a mess, and it is not limited to Reddit.Reddit BTC Mod Resigns, Cites Censorship in Both Subreddits. Bitcoin Unlimited Promote Bitcoin Scaling.

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The moment a hard fork takes place, all the people holding Bitcoins receive the equivalent amount of coins on the alternative Blockchain - effectively doubling the amount of coins in circulation.

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The two main solutions proposed to the scaling problem today are Segregated Witness (SegWit) and Bitcoin Unlimited (BU).Scusate il ragionamento contorto ma spero di essermi riuscito a spiegare.The author is a Forbes. and a group of core developers dedicated to scaling Bitcoin means that.There are two primary ways in which a potential network split could affect the Bitcoin holders: via the so-called replay attacks and via the value of coins.

All that sparks justified doubts regarding whether the technology is really ready to go live.The users have been experiencing incredible wait times for the past several months, as the mempool - the buffer of yet-unconfirmed transactions - is setting new records almost every week.

In fact, that advice can be applied at all times, not just during a hard fork.

The several-year-long confrontation might be reaching a turning point over the coming weeks.

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The point of contention - and we are talking about an all-out war of opinions here - is how it should be done.

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That may provoke more people into panicking and also trying to sell before the price - as they expect - drops too much.It is back then that the Bitcoin community at large has started paying attention to the fact that there is a limit to the transaction capacity of the network.

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Being left with two sets of coins, some people will want to dump the ones they find less promising.As one would imagine, the dispute originally took the form of competition between two rivaling technologies - more on that here.Speculators may exploit that panic, looking to make a short-term profit.